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    Patio Doors Calgary, Alberta – Recent Projects

    Vinyl Window Pro offers an extensive range of patio doors including sliding patio doors and French doors. Patio doors need to be able to withstand inclement weather conditions as well as prevent snow, rain, and wind from entering the house. It also needs to be noise insulated.

    Sliding Patio Doors

    Sliding patio doors can be decorative or act as an opening to the backyard. Either way, they have to be practical and functional. Sliding patio doors are handier for colder weather as they provide better protection against the cold. The glass can be double-paned, insulated or specifically treated to retain the heat within the space. Sliding patio doors enable one to maintain the desired climate control and they are energy efficient as well.

    French Patio Doors

    French doors traditionally were manufactured of hardwood but French glass doors have become more popular. Even where the original design is still followed double layers of glass are used for insulation and protection against elements. French glass doors are used more for decorative purposes as the privacy offered is minimal. They are more popular with the younger people who want to let in more natural light or complement an exterior landscape or add a stylish and decorative touch to the area.

    These doors impart a chic European flavour to the home but they are expensive and not affordable for many. French glass doors definitely add a touch of class to your home and many may consider it to be a wise investment as they increase the value of the house.

    Our products meet the Energy Star program guidelines for helping businesses and individuals protect the environment through superior energy efficiency.

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