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Picture Windows Calgary, Alberta Installation and Replacement – Recent Projects

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  • Delivers the most view without any screens
  • Offers the highest level of efficiency and longevity
  • Easiest to maintain as there are no moving parts
  • Can be made with thick or narrow frame to match other windows better
  • Can be made as one piece for oversized window openings
  • May be shaped in many ways including circles, triangles, octagons, etc.

Picture windows, also known as “fixed windows”, can be as simple or as complicated as you’d like. They were originally designed for two main reasons: 1) to deliver an outside view and 2) to deliver natural light at the lowest cost possible. Today they still deliver those two features, plus also act as decorations and low maintenance walls.

Since there are no moving parts, the different shapes and sizes of picture windows can be endless. From rectangles and arches, to triangles and octagons, picture windows are a must to have in any house. They also do an excellent job complementing other window types and window combinations. Our picture windows have two frame profiles to match the other types of windows flawlessly. At Vinyl Window Pro, we can make a picture window look like a casement window and no one will know the difference until you open it. This is great, especially when there are combinations of different windows in one large opening or on the same side of the house. We try our best to make sure that you receive consistency and the best possible curb appeal regardless of your operating window style preference.