Typically, the newly installed windows are going to need exterior trims. The exterior trims generally cover new insulation. Sometimes they are also used purely for decorative purposes. One can mainly find three types of exterior finishes – aluminum capping, vinyl brick mold and batten (smartboard/molding). These finishes can be color-matched to the new window or an existing house trim (drain-pipes/ soffit/fascia/ eavestroughs).
Vinyl Window Pro can easily supply and install of all kinds of exterior window finishes according to the choices of the particular homeowner.

Newly installed windows will usually require exterior trim. Exterior trims typically cover the new insulation and/or are there for decorative purposes. There are three main exterior finishes – vinyl brickmold, aluminum capping, and batten (moulding/smartboard). These finishes may be colormatched to new window itself or existing house trim (soffit/drain-pipes/eavestroughs/fascia).

Exterior Window Finishes – Recent Projects