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Superior Custom Made Fire Escape Window

A Fire Escape Window is an Egress Window that leads directly to the outside to allow people to escape in case of an fire emergency.

Who needs to have a Fire Escape Window

Each bedroom in the residential home must have at least one fire escape window or door which leads directly to the outside. Any other rooms in the house, except for bedrooms (i.e. living room, kitchen, bathroom) in general do not require having a proper agreement on window or door.

Fire Escape Window Requirements

As of 2006, Alberta Building Code states the following for bedroom windows and window wells:

  1. Except where the suite is sprinkled, each bedroom or combination bedroom shall have at least one outside window or exterior door openable from the inside without the use of key, tools or special knowledge and without the removal of sashes or hardware.
  2. The window referred to in Sentence (1) shall a) provide an unobstructed opening of not less than 0.35 m2 in area with no dimension less than 380 mm, and b) maintain the required opening during an emergency without the need for additional support.
  3. If the window referred to in Sentence (1) is provided with security bars, the security bars shall be openable from the inside without the use of any tools or special knowledge.

  1. Where a window required in Article opens into a window-well, a clearance of not less than 550 mm shall be provided in front of the window.
  2. Where the sash of a window referred to in Sentence (1) swings towards the window well, the operation of the sash shall not reduce the clearance in a manner that would restrict escape in an emergency.
  3. Where a protective enclosure is installed over the window well-referred to in Sentence (1), the enclosure shall be openable from the inside without the use of keys, tools or special knowledge of the opening mechanism.

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