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Sliding Windows Calgary, Alberta Installation and Replacement- Recent Projects

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  • uPVC brushes make operation smooth and effortless
  • Slides AND opens inside the house for easy cleaning
  • Has interlocking lips for tight weather-sealing
  • Exterior drainage valves instead of holes reduce air leakage
  • Available in single and dual operating sashes
  • Most popular and affordable operating window

Sliding windows are by far the most commonly used and known windows in Canada. The main reason for this is the simple fact that they are typically the most cost-effective operating windows. Vinyl Window Pro takes them up to the next level.

Our sliding windows do not just slide but also open inside the house, similar to the doors. This is a great feature that allows your to clean the outside of the window right from inside your house. No more heavy lifting! Security is also greatly improved on this window. People are used to lifting sashes out as an easy way to break into the house. With our sliding windows that is not possible. The sashes glide on vinyl brushes and have special “shoes” that sit inside the tracks. This eliminates the ability for it to be lifted out. Also, these vinyl brushes prevent the sash from sticking and freezing to the frame of the window. This way you can actually enjoy fresh air in the summer as well as winter.

Sliding window tracks used to be the most hated part of the window. They typically collect a lot of dirt and allow for excessive draft. Every times it rains, the water always tries to make its way though the screen and ends up on the window tracks. The only way for it to escape now is through pre-drilled holes at the bottom of the window. These open holes cause a lot of air leakage and draft. At Vinyl Window Pro, we actually have valves instead of just holes. These valves close even tighter as the winds pick up, reducing the air leakage coefficient dramatically and increasing the energy efficiency rating. Interior window tracks also come with a vinyl snap on cover, preventing the dirt from getting in and making it easier to clean.