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Shaped Windows Calgary, Alberta Installation and Replacement- Recent Projects

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  • Available in most common shapes and sizes
  • Can be made from template to fit your existing opening and shape
  • Decorative grills can be bent and matched to your design
  • Available in thick and narrow frame design
  • Can be combined and attached to other windows
  • Great choice for a unique look and curb appeal

These are basically picture windows that are shaped in something other than a rectangle. The main purpose for shaped windows is curb appeal. Your house is unique and shaped windows can help you enhance it. Whether you have a vaulted ceiling line to follow, or arches or roof tops, shaped windows can help you enhance your style and make you stand out.

At Vinyl Window Pro there are virtually no limitations to what shaped window you might desire. We can make a window in just about any shape from the template, drawing, or your existing opening. It can also come with thicker or thinner frame to match the other windows flawlessly. Glass is pretty easy to cut in any way you can think of. Combined with vinyl frame that can be bent the same way as well, makes vinyl windows be at the top of the list for such creations.