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Tilt and Turn Windows Installation and Replacement

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This amazing European window has been around for centuries. It tilts inside from the top or swings open like a door into the house. In Canada, one of the most practical applications for this window is for basement bedrooms, which do require to have large enough openings for a fire escape. Because the entire window swings open inside the house tilt and turn to require the smallest rough opening (compared to other windows) to make a legal egress window. Tilt and Turn windows are also the most secure windows out there for both – break-ins and leaks. The window seals ridiculously tight when completely closed, making it more desirable for basements and below-grade applications. Robust Rotor hardware is virtually impossible to break into, even if the window is left opened (tilted in).

Superior Custom Made Tilt and Turn Windows

Canadian Climate Zone Map and Energy Star efficiency requirements for Windows and Doors

Features – Tilt and Turn Windows

  • Opens into the house (tilts in from the top or turns in front the side)
  • The most popular choice of window in Europe
  • Offers the largest opening as well as space for easy fire escape
  • Designed Germany, built in Canada
  • Provides maximum security from all intruders along with indirect airflow circulation
  • Can be developed into very large sizes for accommodating oversized window openings


Windows, skylights, and doors are not generally assigned with an R-value when they are being tested. Nevertheless, window salespeople and contractors may often refer to an R-value for measuring the window performance. R-value serves as a measure of the resistance to the flow of heat. In order to understand this R-value system in a better way, you can sample U-factors in metric as well as imperial units that have been perfectly converted to the R-values in the following table. Since the ER values are actually derived from a mathematical formula that makes use of the U-factor as well as solar heat gain, there’s no method for directly converting the ER value into an R-value.

Most common types of Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and Turn Windows - Recent Projects in Calgary, Alberta

Varsity NW

Tilt and Turn Windows - Recent Projects in Calgary, Alberta


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