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Bay and Bow Windows Calgary, Alberta Installation and Replacement- Recent Projects

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  • Makes the room feel larger and brighter
  • May consist of several windows depending on size and design
  • Can be built and installed instead of a regular window or cut into a solid wall
  • Flexible vinyl connectors allow for many different angle and build out positions
  • Decorative roof and skirt options are available to enhance curb appeal
  • Great choice for growing plants

A combination of two or more windows, joined together on an angle will be considered as either an air care (angle), bay window (two angles), or bow window (three or more angles). These types of windows are the least expensive way to make your room feel much larger and brighter.
If you don’t already have one of these windows in your house, we can install a custom build one for you. Just about any window can be turned into an air care, bay window or a bow window. Depending on the size of opening that you have or want to create, we can do everything from start to finish. New framing, proper support, headers, roof and so on is not an issue.
Decorative finishing options are wide open for you as well. Exterior skirt can be finished in aluminum, siding or stone. The roof can be shingled or tied to your soffit. Interior ledge can be done in all types of wood, ready for stain, paint, tile or granite. The choices are yours!