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Casement Windows Calgary, Alberta Installation and Replacement- Recent Projects

Casement windows are the best option for all climates

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  • Delivers the most air flow as it opens outside
  • Multi-stage Cold-flex weather stripping for weather-light seals
  • Unobstructed view with pinless screen technology
  • Collapsible handles that won’t disturb your blinds or curtains
  • Rotor multi-point locking system
  • Stainless steel Truth hardware

Casement windows are usually considered premium windows and typically cost a little bit more money than most other types. However, depending on the size of the window, casement might be the most cost-efficient and practical solution.

There are typically three main things that make a casement window very attractive: the main one is the fact that casement windows open outside, naturally creating the most airflow into the house. The next one is the tight seal and efficiency, especially when compared to the sliders. Our casement windows have three-stage seals to make sure that once it’s shut and closed there is no way for air to come through. The third thing that makes it more attractive is its look — especially on the exterior. Casement windows come with screens located on the inside, so having only glass on the outside is a far more attractive feature.