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    Hung Windows Calgary, Alberta Installation and Replacement – Recent Projects

    Hung Windows are a very Traditional, Practical and visually Appealing

    Hung windows come as single or double units


    • Spiral hardware allows an infinite amount of opening positions
    • uPVC brushes make operation smooth and effortless
    • Slides AND flips inside the house for easy cleaning
    • Has interlocking lips for tight weather-sealing
    • Exterior drainage valves instead of holes reduce air leakage
    • Available in single and dual operating sashes

    This is the most traditional window type, found in most older houses. Popularity of hung windows today is closely related to heritage and cost efficiency. It shares a lot of similarities with horizontal sliding windows. The major difference is that hung windows slide up instead of to the side.
    At Vinyl Window Pro, we have hung windows with amazing spiral hardware. It allows the sash to move freely up and down with infinite number of open positions. With the push of two buttons it is easy to flip the sash into the house, allowing you to clean the outside right from inside the house.
    Our hung windows come with drainage valves instead of just holes. They allow the water, that penetrated through the screen, to escape outside while minimizing the air leakage back into the house. Vinyl brushes, inserted around the perimeter of the sash, create smooth operation. They prevent the window from sticking and freezing, so you can enjoy fresh air all summer and winter.

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