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    Awning Windows Calgary, Alberta Installation and Replacement – Recent Projects


    • Can be very large to accommodate the most view and ventilation
    • Multi-stage Cold-flex weather stripping for weather-light seals
    • Unobstructed view with pinless screen technology
    • Collapsible handles that won’t disturb your blinds or curtains
    • Stainless steel Truth hardware
    • Most popular choice for oversized window openings

    Awning windows are great for just about any room that needs a great view and ventilation at the same time. At Vinyl Window Pro, we can make an awning window up to 5 feet wide and 6 feet tall in one piece and have it open from the bottom outwards. Most people love to have an awning window in their kitchen, since it can be left open even on a rainy day. Bathrooms are also a popular location for awning windows with privacy glass. Even after opening this window, most of the privacy is still there along with fresh air.

    Cold weather? Gusting winds? No problem for our awning windows! Multipoint locking system and stainless steel hardware will keep our awning windows functional. The three-stage seals will make sure that there is no draft coming in once the window is closed. Exterior vinyl brushes prevent this window from freezing shut. Collapsible handles on the inside let your blinds and curtains pass right by them. This is a premium window, and once installed in your house, it quickly becomes the most loved and appreciated.

    Awning Windows - Recent Projects in Calgary, Alberta

    Tuxedo Park, Calgary, AB

    Awning Windows - Recent Projects in Calgary, Alberta

    Riverbend, Calgary, AB

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