How to Keep Your Windows Looking Their Best

Here are some tips from us on how you can keep your windows looking like new for many years to come

Cleaning Your Frames

  • Ensure to vacuum dirt and dust from the window sill and window track areas before washing; start out with a clean foundation
  • All you need to wash window frames with is a simple mixture of mild dish soap and water; this solution works at removing stains as well
  • Remember that cleaning solutions containing harsh chemicals or solvents are never recommended because they have the ability to cause irreversible damage
  • Always rinse the window frames with clean water and wipe the frames down with a towel or soft cloth
  • Double check that weep holes (drainage) are free of debris or any type of blockage both inside and outside the window frame. Note that if the window is ‘stacked,’ there may be weep-holes between the window units

Glass Care

  • Harsh chemical cleaners, petroleum-based solutions, razor blades or abrasive pads should never have used to clean glass
  • Do not use a high-pressure spray nozzle when rinsing your windows after a washing
  • (These practices can damage the glass surface, the glass seal, or the components)
  • Only clean glass with a solution of mild dish soap and water, then rinse completely with clean water and wipe frames with a towel or soft cloth
  • Washing glass in direct sunlight can cause the wash job to look streaky; dimmer light is preferable
  • Don’t forget to clean your screens too! Remove the screens, wash on a flat, clean surface with a solution of mild dish soap and water, scrub with a soft brush and reinstall after drying